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Welcome to your Pilates journey. 
I'm so happy you’re here.

Ready to move your body and your life in the right direction? Pilates On The Move is the perfect boutique studio for you! Our private Reformer classes and online workouts will help you gain control of your busy life and bring a positive body experience. Join us today and start transforming your life!

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About the studio

Pilates On The Move is a boutique Reformer studio located in Mullumbimby.

We are offering 1-on-1 Reformer classes in a tranquil & peaceful setting.

Classes tailored to your specific needs and are designed to help you move with ease and grace.


On the Move was established with the desire to create a comfortable & friendly space where people of all age groups and levels would feel free to simply MOVE! 


About me

Hi, my name is Shira !

I fell in love with the Pilates method in early 2012 and have been teaching Pilates across Australia and abroad since 2017. I was fortunate to expand my knowledge throughout my own journey with Pilates and by studying under incredible teachers.


My approach towards movement integrates principles from varied methods, with a great focus on breath and intelligent movement.  

I believe Pilates is for EVERY BODY, and so the method can truly support our wellbeing throughout life.


My vision is to provide our community with quality and affordable Reformer classes,

So let's talk, expand and MOVE together!

Shira X

Spread out your mat
Come practice Online with me

"I absolutely loved my 10 week block of 1:1 Pilates with Shira. It’s been a great way to reset my body after a pregnancy and caring for a new baby. Shira’s extensive knowledge, intuitive care and gentle humour has been the perfect environment to foster a long term relationship with Pilates again. Highly recommend!"
"Shira is an amazing Pilates teacher!! Very attentive and her classes are always interesting and challenging! I came out feeling amazing after each class. Highly recommend. Miss your classes at Bexhill (former location)!."
“I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Shira around 5 months ago now. She opened her beautiful studio and held space for me as I started my journey with reformer Pilates and what a huge impact she has made to my day to day life. She has taught me it is perfectly ok to slow down the pace and breath.
Her clear instructions and guidance for beginner level was excellent. Each session she challenges my strength and I always leave feeling amazing.”

Classes We Offer

Reformer Foundations

Slow, alignment based 50 min of 1-on-1 Reformer class. suitable for Pilates Newbies or for those of you who are coming back to practice Pilates after a long break. 

Who can benefit from one-on-one? 

Well, absolutely everyone! 

But more specifically we would recommend Pilates Newbies to start with few private classes before joining the group classes.

Private sessions are also for clients who deal with limitations of movement or certain conditions in their body that might require special attention.


If you're not sure where to start your Pilates Journey - just book your FREE initial consultation and we'll help you get started!


Reformer long-time-lover

50 min of 1-on-1 sweat and tears! 

This private Reformer class is for those who have tried Reformer before and are keen to deepen their practice.

If you're looking to be challenged - this workout is for you.



Price List


Drop in Reformer class


Casual mat class (private)


Package of 10 Reformer classes


Package of 5 Reformer classes

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