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My Pilates Story: Disc Bulge and Change of Lifestyle

Stretching forward on my pilates mat
Pilates is a way of life - it doesn't just stay within the confines of our mat

4 years ago my life would have looked completely different.

I used to live in Tel Aviv, the most vibrant city in the world. The pace of the city put me in constant spin. I loved it. And at the same time, I ignored what my body was starting to signal me.

I would work from home, many hours of sitting in front of the computer. I did not always make sure to have a comfortable seat with back support. I could sit for hours with a flexed back and head forward in front of the screen. Often I would take an hour break at the gym, and go to a Pilates class, just to get back to the exact same poor posture I was sitting at beforehand.

I did not understand what I understand well today -

Pilates is not an hour training on the mat and that is it. It's a lifestyle.

The practice goes with us everywhere - literally! The method makes us perform every function in life most efficiently. The key words for me are: body awareness. This awareness is expressed in every aspect of life.

4 years ago my way of life led me to a situation in which one day I got up from my work chair - and couldn't straighten up. I felt sharp and unbearable pain in the lower vertebrae that radiated pain to the right thigh and below the knee.I went from one specialist to the other without much improvement. It turned out I had a bulging disc in my lumbar spine.

One of the things I've repeatedly heard from all doctors without exception was do Pilates.

I didn't need to be told that - I was already addicted at this point! Everyday practice improved my pain exceptionally well. Today I have no memory in my body of that pain. I will forever be grateful for what the method has given me, body and soul.

Remember: Pilates we take with us outside the mat - for everyday activities. 

For happy, balanced and healthier Life.

Doing pilates flystick in nature, hands above the head holding the stick

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