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The Jaw and its Impact on Posture

The Pilates Method never ceases to amaze me with its far-reaching effects. 

It is important for me to explain to my students that regular Pilates practice is much more than a fitness training, but a method for a happier and more energetic life.

One of the interesting things I've been looking at recently is the jaw and its effects on posture. Our jaw is placed in front of the ear - so it has a distinct impact on our balance and orientation. Even more than that - when we maintain good posture, we can actually use our jaw to chew better and talk better!

Try a simple exercise:

Sit on a chair with flexed spine and try to smile from ear to ear.

Now extend your spine long and try to smile from ear to ear.

Have you noticed the difference? It's much easier to smile when we have good posture. Amazing, isn't it ??

It’s pretty simple, we are meant to carry ourselves with a good posture and elongated spine, and live as happy beings.

Let's get moving,


Shira sitting outside on the move studio smiling and holding a sign that says "pilates on the move"
I call this "the pilates smile"

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