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Axial Elongation & Core control

Let’s talk about Axial Elongation of the spine. You’ll often hear your Pilates teacher say things like “lengthen the crown of the head to the ceiling” or “sit tall on your sitting bones” and any other creative ways your teacher choses to get you to elongate your spine.

But why is it so important (I know I get very stubborn with it in my classes)?

We want to get students to their (it will very from one person to the other) optimal position of the spine, to increase efficiency of movement. Think of your spine as an elastic band - when the slack of a spinal segment it taken up in one direction of movement, there will be less available movement in other directions. Meaning, the more our spine is elongated - the more range of movement can be achieved. 

Try this:

Sit on the floor with straight legs forward and arms open wide to the sides. Flex your spine to a round 'C' shape position and then try to rotate the spine sideways from the waist. Notice your range of movement. How much can you rotate with a flex spine?

Now do the same, except keep youre spine stacked as long as possible. Notice your range of movement now. You'll probably notice you can rotate much more while keeping the spine long.

Spine elongation allows us to get more mobility from the spine. The longer your spine is, the more range you'll have to move in a healthier, more effcient way!

Make the movement move,


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